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DECEMBER 17 2010 – JANUARY 23 2011

A complete set of the 74 bronze sculptures by the celebrated Impressionist artist Edgar Degas, from the collection of the M.T. Abraham Foundation, will be displayed at the Museum of Universal Arts in La Havana from December 17, 2010 to January 23, 2011. The exhibition was organized on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Prima Ballerina and General Director of the Cuban National Ballet Company Alicia Alonso.

The bronzes in the Havana display include his masterpiece The Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, in addition to marvellous vignettes of women at their toilette, horses, ballet dancers and several torsos. Degas was a passionate observer of the female body and his sculptures, like his paintings and pastels, consistently indicate a harmonious composition of volume, line and texture; a most pleasing sight to the visitor’s eye.

The Paradox of Degas at Varna Archaeological Museum – Bulgaria
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