In establishing policies for and on behalf of the M.T. Abraham Foundation, we, The Board of Trustees, will serve as custodian in trust of the assets of our Foundation. We recognize the need for competent and committed elected board members to serve the Foundation ethically and responsibly. Therefore, as board members of the M.T. Abraham Foundation, we acknowledge that we will observe a high standard of conduct as we devote our best efforts, skills and resources in the interest of the Foundation. We will perform our duties as board members in such a manner to ensure that the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the Foundation’s mission is maintained and enhanced.

We will always hold the betterment of the M.T. Abraham Foundation as our priority, including and during all meetings, discussions and voting matters. We recognize that we are obligated to act in a manner that will bear the closest public scrutiny. It is our responsibility to contribute to the Board of Directors any suggestions of ways to improve the Foundation’s policies, standards, practices or ethics. We will not abuse our position as board members by suggesting to any Foundation employee that we are entitled to, or expect any, special treatment. We will declare any conflict of interest, be it real, potential, or implied, which may not be immediately obvious with regard to any matter being discussed during meetings, in committee, or in public. If the Board decides at any time that there is a conflict of interest related to a board member, that member will be required to refrain from participating in the discussion and will be requested to leave the meeting.

We understand that the Board’s deliberations and decisions will be recorded in its official minutes, either with or without the specific reasons for the decision being recorded. We will not knowingly take advantage or benefit from information that is obtained in the course of our official duties and responsibilities as board members. We will be attentive to information that the Foundation can use to develop and improve its policies and strategies. We will not release or share confidential information related to the Foundation without the permission, in writing, of the person who provided the information. We will be mindful of resources that are in our trust on behalf of the Foundation and will help establish policies that ensure the security and protection of our resources. We may be reimbursed for legitimate, pre-approved expenses incurred by ourselves for the sake of the Foundation. We will keep all such expenses reasonable and justifiable and will discuss expenses that may be in question with the Foundation’s President.

Should business associates or others offer board members gifts, favors, or benefits on a personal basis because of the business related activities with the Foundation, the Board will recognize that such offers may be an effort to secure favor or influence from its members, and will reject any such offer. Board members may accept promotional materials of a nominal value. Board members will not routinely accept the hospitality of others on behalf of the Foundation. As part of our duties as board members, we represent the Foundation informally and formally to other organizations, societies, government officials, and business representatives. We recognize that it is important that we represent the Foundation in such a way as to leave others with a positive impression of the Foundation and its activities. In our duties we will preserve and protect the reputation of the Foundation and will avoid behaviour that might reflect poorly upon it or its representatives.