Q: Who Was M.T. Abraham?

A: Mr. Mansur Tamir Abraham was born in 1912. Mr. Abraham died in 1999. In tribute and honor to Mr. Abraham, his descendants established The M.T. Abraham Foundation.

Q: What Does M.T. Abraham Stands For?

A: The Foundation bears the name of Mr. Mansur Tamir Abraham, who founded the family collection.

Q: When Was M.T. Abraham Foundation Established?

A: The M.T. Abraham Foundation was established in 2004.

Q: What Is the Foundation’s Mission Statement?

A: The M.T. Abraham Foundation mission is to realize the philanthropic aspiration of. M.T. Abraham by supporting educational and artistic events by individuals, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions committed to developing an understanding of the visual arts worldwide and to encourage events and activities intended to benefit the global community.

Q: Who Finances the Foundation and Its Activities?

A: The Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose activities are financed principally by the M.T. Abraham Group. Occasionally, the Foundation enters into partnership with various sponsors who will assist it to meet the high costs of mounting major exhibitions, educational programs and/or publications. Donations from Privilege Members also support Foundation activities.

Q: Does the Public Have Access to Art Works That the Foundation Currently Owns?

A: The foundation does not currently have an exhibition space. However, many of the works belonging to the Foundation can be seen in museums around the world. For more information, please refer to our exhibitions section.

Q: How Can One Arrange to Include Works From the Collection In An Upcoming Exhibition or Presentation?

A: A detailed request, with full title of the applicant, complete contact information and details of the desired works for loan should be emailed to:

Q: Can Anyone Use the Foundation’s Logo in an Advertisement or other Commercial Means Such as Licensing Merchandise?

A: Please email a detailed request to:

Q: Would It Be Possible to Reproduce Several Works of Art from the Collection? How Can One Obtain Permission to Do So?

A: Anyone wishing to reproduce one or several works from the collection should write to For requests re: digital images and for transparencies of any piece from the collection please contact:

Q: Where Can One Purchase Publications and Catalogs Published by the Foundation?

A: Publications and catalogs can be found at (by ISBN number), and at our on-line store or obtained directly from the museum or institution concerned.

Q: Does the Foundation Purchase Additional Works of Art?

A: Yes. The Foundation’s main mission is to preserve, exhibit and expand its collections.

Q: Does the Foundation Have An Annual Budget for Acquisitions and Cultural Activities?

A: The Foundation has an annual, trustee-approved budget, which covers the costs of acquisitions, exhibitions, publishing, sponsorship and educational programs.

Q: Does the Foundation Accept Donations of Art Works?

A: No. However, it may assist anyone interested in donating works of art to public museums by putting them in contact with our advisors and curators who will accompany and advise through the process.