The M.T. Abraham Group S.A. believes contribution to society and culture is achieved through participation and appreciation for the arts. Via our non for profit M.T. Abraham Foundation, we encourage scholarship and research in the arts and organize international travel exhibitions from the Foundation’s own collection to museums and art institutions worldwide. The goal is to create a deep admiration and understanding of culture and the history of the arts. The M.T. Abraham Foundation continually expands its art collection with the aim of creating an extensive and comprehensive body of work from which traveling exhibitions can be mounted.

The purposes and tasks of the Foundation are specified in its by-laws, according to which its purpose is fulfilled through art acquisitions, public access to its collections through short- and long-term loans, to institutions and exhibitions, and cultural events that are open to the public. The Foundation maintains an active preservation program for its collections, and it has a robust publications department dedicated to scholarship. One of the Foundation’s main tasks is to preserve its legacy, through educational activities aimed at an awareness and appreciation of the visual arts.