The Foundation supports promising young artists and students in all fields of art history, fine arts, and Judaic studies. The Foundation also fosters a climate that values and seeks an understanding of the arts and history of the Jewish people. Scholarships are granted to art students in areas such as fine arts (painting, sculpture, new media, printmaking, etc.), photography, illustration, graphic design and other fields of interest. Although not exclusively, the Foundation encourages applications from artists and students who are in financial need.

Grant Restrictions
The Foundation accepts applications from artists whose work falls primarily within the fields outlined above. It is recommended that applicants submit no more than fifteen (15) examples of work, with an emphasis on the most recent and current projects.

The M.T. Foundation provides scholarships / grants for promising young artists and students in art history, fine arts, and Judaic studies. Applications are welcome from all nationalities.

A grant of up to 5,000 Euros will be awarded twice a year. This grant commences in 2019-20 and is subject to change.

Application Availability and Deadline
Complete application materials are accepted online only. The deadline for this grant is May 1st, each calendar year.

Applicants are notified of the M.T. Abraham Foundation decision approximately three months following the May 1st deadline.

Review Process
Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Applications are evaluated by the M.T. Abraham Foundation based on: (1) the overall quality of the proposed project; (2) the applicant’s past achievements; and (3) how the project would benefit from the resources of the M.T. Abraham Foundation collections.

How To Apply
Applicants are required to complete and submit the Scholarship Application, form A (which includes completing the application, Project Proposal, Curriculum Vitae, by May 1st, each calendar year.) Letters of recommendation are not required for this application. The Scholarship Application, form A and all other additional documentation must be sent to education department.

Scholarship Application Form | Download PDF