The educational workshops that the M.T. Abraham Foundation fosters provide a greater understanding of art and aesthetics tailored to specific age groups. The project targets an age group of 3-10 years old. We, at the Foundation, have chosen this age group because we believe that this is exactly when children mostly benefit from guidance by adults.

The impact of the art lessons is a known factor in a child’s educational curriculum. For many parents and their children a visit to an exhibition will be a renewed experience, while for others it is a first time event. Our pre-planned intention is to create a real hands-on artistic laboratory to promote and develop new creative ideas for both children and their parents in an atmosphere of shared experimentation. Educators and experts in the field, responsible for the project, strongly believe that producing works in a variety of media, in a series of multi-functional activities, will foster new ideas and discover hidden talents that will influence and possibly cultivate a vaster awareness to modern art.