One of the Foundation’s main goals is to create a greater understanding of the visual arts by initiating and supporting curatorial projects throughout the world. Exhibitions sponsored by the Foundation are supplemented by artist-led programs of events. They include workshops for families and children, during which educators and other art professionals provide participants with an in-depth look at the visual arts and how they relate to everyday life.

These programs are specifically designed by our educational department to engage and teach audiences of all ages without restriction to their ethnic origin, religion, or socio-economic backgrounds Courses are taught by artists, curators, critics and academics at different levels, from the introductory to the more advanced. We believe that learning through art, in the presence of artists and in a creative environment, is the best way of encouraging children of all ages to discover, explore, and create, and help both students and adults to think in a more creative and independent way.

The Foundation organizes guided tours of exhibitions specifically prepared for different age groups to enhance their experience of its exhibitions. For school programs, it offers special guidance for teachers, providing them with the necessary information that contextualises how and when the works in an exhibition were created.