We are privileged to have been brought up in a cultural environment in which we were taught to learn, cherish and appreciate the arts. As part of our business activities at the M.T. Abraham Group, the M.T. Abraham Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and sharing its collection of fine arts, and in particular to pursue our agenda and vision for the benefit of future generations to come.

Guided by a purposeful desire to promote the public’s appreciation for Impressionist and Modern art, the mission of the M.T. Abraham Foundation promotes the arts as an important social force. In addition to sharing its collections and promoting scholarship based on its holdings, the Foundation supports emerging artists and seeks to broaden audiences for their work. Ultimately, the Foundation aspires to foster an environment that values and seeks understanding of the visual arts and its history.

We are dedicated to keeping our collections in the public view through an active loan program, which makes art available for exhibitions at accredited institutions. Many of the endeavours that we support are accompanied by artist-led educational programs. These programs are specifically designed by our educational department to engage and teach audiences of all ages without restriction to their ethnic origin, religion, or socio-economic backgrounds.

Amir G. Kabiri

Isaac M. Tamir