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This area grants individuals and accredited institutions an unlimited access to our collections as well as to our complete online publications and research archival projects. This section is limited and not accessible to the general public due to copyright restrictions. The foundation coordinates accredited individual viewing appointments, facilitating access to the archive’s collections in Geneva and Paris. Through our Internship & Fellowship programs assistance, accredited candidates may conduct scholarly and professional research at the foundation’s archives, which includes books, articles, rare footage, and the art collection itself.

Please note that due to an item’s condition and format, archive holdings can take up to 6-8 weeks to prepare for viewing. For this reason all research requests must be formally forwarded well in advance of any proposed visit. Some items listed in the archives may not be available due to condition and/or format. Before you log in to the archive, please read carefully the obligations below:

The researcher will abide by archival procedures at the M.T. Abraham Foundation Archives™. The researcher will give explicit credit and citation to “The M.T. Abraham Foundation” in any publication or other format utilizing the foundation’s images, quotations, or data based on its records. Researchers who have used the digitized holdings to conduct their research will give explicit credit and citation to the “The M.T. Abraham Foundation Archive™.” The researcher agrees to comply with all relevant laws including, without limitation, United Kingdom, European Union, United States and Israeli copyright laws and the laws of all other relevant countries with regard to utilizing such material. The researcher commits not to publish information in breach of the access policy even if he/she finds it in the files accidentally. The researcher agrees that photocopies or reproductions will not be transferred to other individuals or agencies (third parties) without the explicit prior written permission of The M.T. Abraham Foundation Archives™.

The researcher agrees to pay all bills for duplication or reproduction promptly. The researcher agrees to indemnify and hold harmless M.T. Abraham Foundation Archives, its officers, employees, and agent, from and against all claims and actions, without limitation, arising out of the researcher’s use of M.T. Abraham Foundation archival materials. The researcher agrees to submit to M.T. Abraham Foundation Archives™ ten complimentary copies of any publication, video, or article based on M.T. Abraham Foundation archival materials. The researcher recognizes that failure to comply with the terms of this hereof could cause irreparable damage to M.T. Abraham Foundation. Accordingly, in the event of a breach or threatened breach by the researcher of any of the covenants or provisions hereof, M.T. Abraham Foundation shall be entitled, without notice, to a temporary restraining order or an order preliminarily enjoining any such breach or threatened breach. The researcher consents to the jurisdiction and venue of any court sitting in United Kingdom, for purposes of such injunctive relief. Authorized Individuals Only: Please enter your personal access details below.

Healing Through Art Program
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