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By its very nature, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art provides a stimulating and rich learning environment. The museum’s exhibitions contain enormous educational advantages, which, through the museum’s experience, enable children to learn and better enjoy art. Sadly, however, there are those children who are unable to visit the museum; those who in their daily routine battle the rigors and challenges of severe diseases and are therefore confined to hospital wards. As part of our mission, we consider it of utmost importance to reach out to these children in need. This gives us an opportunity to bring grace and beauty to the often painful experience of hospital life.

There can be no nobler task than touching the lives of others by enhancing the quality of life for those in need. We therefore, propose an innovative “gallery show”: the museum comes to children in different hospitals, and the hospital lounge becomes a stage for “gallery show.” Gallery shows feature performance with professional actors against the backdrop of reproductions of art from the museum. The drama is inspired by the art and makes references to the figures portrayed in the paintings, as well as the artists who painted them. The audience, composed of children in wheelchairs, others tethered to IV’s, Jews and Arabs, young children and teenagers, are all given a welcome break from the stress and anxiety associated with serious illnesses. The museum thus provides moments of joy and entertainment to kids and parents alike.

The museum is a place of bustling joy and activity; it is for this reason that the Tel-Aviv Museum proposes to bring children from hospital wards to visit the museum. This will provide them with a day out, in new and fresh surroundings that will enable them to leave behind their daily life at the hospital whilst having a day of stimulation and fun at the museum. This has been done in the past, where children with diabetes from Soroka Hospital visited the museum for one day. These children watched a gallery show after which they took part in gallery activities. The cost of such a program would be $1,100, inclusive of transport, gallery shows and surrounding activities for the duration of one year. Please open your hearts and pockets in order to make possible this wonderful project and may God bless you. The funds are to be wired directly to the Tel Aviv Museum’s Bank account (Please contact us for complete details: We are at your entire disposal for other payment arrangements and/or questions.

Aragon et l’art moderne
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