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FEBRUARY 24 2011 – APRIL 27 2011

This exhibition presents the complete sculptures of the French Impressionist master Edgar Degas. While most museum visitors are familiar with the artist’s paintings and drawings, many have never been exposed to these magnificent bronze sculptures now on display. They encompass the artist’s iconic themes: dancers in motion, dancers at rest, seated figures, portraits, horses in motion and horses at rest. Degas considered his sculptures to be personal intimate objects which he created for his own pleasure.

History records that only a handful of the artist’s closest friends were even aware of the extraordinary number of sculptures Degas had created. This treasure only became known after Degas’ death. His heirs found a large number of his sculptural objects scattered around his home and studio. Most of the sculptures were made in wax mixed with clay, and the heirs decided that 74 must be cast in bronze to preserve the images. It was a wise decision. Had it not been cast in bronze, this major body of work would have remained unknown forever. It is a celebration of the artist’s creative genius, and the exhibition presents for the first time in Spain the complete sculptures of Edgar Degas.

Las Esculturas de Edgar Degas – Exhibition Catalogue – La Havana, Cuba
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