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On December 20th 2014, guests & supporters from around the world joined in Tel-Aviv to commemorate a milestone; the 10th Anniversary of the M.T. Abraham Foundation. One of the foundation’s major goals is to foster a greater understanding of the visual arts by facilitating and supporting curatorial projects throughout the world. To that end, the exhibitions sponsored by the foundation are all accompanied by an artist-led program of events and by children and family workshops in which educators and other art professionals provide participants with an in-depth look at the visual arts and how they may be integrated into daily life.

Courses are taught by artists, curators, critics and academics, and are offered at different levels, from the introductory to the more specialist. We believe that working surrounded by art works, along with artists and in an artistic environment is the best way of encouraging children of all ages, through an informal education enrichment, to discover, explore, and create, and help both students and adults to think in a creative and independent way. The foundation seeks to enable both young and not so young visitors to connect with the art on display. We believe in an active museum experience which stimulates the senses: conversation, written work sheets, games based on works on display, interactive exhibits and more. We strive to provide the visitors to our exhibitions a unique experience in viewing our works of art wherever they are exposed.

250th Anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum
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